Our Story

Our first ever encounter of a Birman was when we had the opportunity to "house-sit" a beautiful Seal Point Birman Boy from the Cats Protection League. He had been abandoned by his owners who, after 9 years of having him, decided there was no place for him now that they had a new baby... Being cat lovers, we found this awfully sad and even more so when we got to know his character. He was a typical Birman by nature; inquisitive, intelligent, affectionate and talkative. We knew from that moment that we were hooked on the breed and that one day, Birmans would be in our lives.


Fast forward to 2009, we purchased our very first Birman, a Lilac point boy, called Shwedagon Shwechinthe. He is of excellent pedigree background and show marked. We started showing him around the Midlands, the North and the South West and he gained many rosettes as well as his Premier status. We decided to retire Hugo, as we call him, from the show world and he continues to enjoy being a pampered pet.


Not long after having Hugo we decided he needed a companion and that we wanted to become breeders. We returned to the same breeder to purchase Deenlay Tsunkyankse KitKat (Coco) and our breeding name (prefix) was registered.

What we do

Pet Hotel

We enjoy showing our Birmans and meeting other Birman enthusiasts

Kittens are sometimes available

We offer luxury accommodation for Tsunkyankse Birmans

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Solihull, West Midlands

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